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If you have questions about our products or are looking to do a custom order with our logo for an event or party we will be happy to work with you.  Please give us a brief description of what you are looking for and we will contact you.

5837 Ashcroft Avenue,
Edina, MN



Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric are the shirts made of?

We have various fabrics based on the shirt ordered.  Please see the additional information under each item for the type of fabric.


Do you have other logos available?

Yes we do.  For all the tennis fans we do have a MN-Tennis logo ready to go for printing.  We also have golf & tennis logos in the works for the following states: Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, California, Washington, Michigan and Colorado.


What is the meaning of life?

We have no idea but we are flattered to know you believe we might have the answer.  We hope golf is involved in the answer


Do you have options for pets?

We do not have any clothing items that are specifically for pets.  If you want to try a t-shirt or a hoodie on your pet, go for it!  Please send us a picture so we can add it to our gallery.


Who took those amazing photos of your product?

Photography by K Gallagher. Please contact us if you have additional product photography needs.